Theme 2: Digital Pedagogy for Faculty

PI: Professor Hassan

Project 2: Evaluation and analysis of e-learning adoption in tertiary education

This project is designed to address what we see to be a critical need in tertiary education: the development of confident and transformative digital teachers. To do this, we need to understand how we teach and what the barriers are to good teaching. To do this we will do the following activities:

  1. Develop a profile of academics in tertiary institutions on their ICT compliance and training needs

  2. Evaluate the digital pedagogical approaches by staff

  3. Evaluate the administrative, infrastructure, and policy challenges to e-learning adoption

Research Questions:

  1. What digital and pedagogical ICT skills do academics in tertiary institutions possess, their current approaches and what are their training needs?

  2. What are the enablers and challenges of e-learning adoption in tertiary institutions?

  3. How can we design accessible and transformative education programmes for faculty in response?