The following four themes emerged from our discussions at the University of Dar es Salaam in June of 2019. We believe these to be of greatest impact to our respective countries in digital education. As such, each project will touch on one or more of these themes.


Integrating marginalised groups

Theme 1: Integrating marginalised groups into tertiary education

We recognise that any meaningful address of widening participation in our countries must include marginalised groups.


Digital pedagogy for faculty

Theme 2: Digital Pedagogy for Faculty

We recognise that developing new pedagogical approaches for faculty is core to what we do.


Improving access to tertiary education


Employability and entrepreneurship

Theme 3: Digital education for improving access to Tertiary Education

Broadly, we recognise that digital education provides opportunity for our countries in broadening access to tertiary education. We recognise that these needs vary across our countries, particularly in respect to university-age populations as percentages of the overall country.

Theme 4: Education for Employability and Entrepreneurship

We recognise that digital education provides opportunity for rethinking how we approach employability and entrepreneurship. We recognise that this is a critical need in our respective countries.